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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too, Teagan, although it’s a bit early. The pics are fabulous! And to all the reader’s out there, do check out Teagan’s Jazz Age Wednesdays… as well as this post.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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It’s not really St. Patrick’s Day as I write this, but it is my writing day for Thistledown.  However, I’m not up to continuing the story today, so I’m taking it easy on myself to some extent.  Hopefully I can do some more editing for Atonement in Bloom.

Here’s a snippet from Atonement in Bloom.  There are a couple of new “supernaturals” in the town of Atonement, Tennessee.  This excerpt comes from the middle of the scene where Lilith the cat encounters them.  The oddly warm December night saw the calico sneaking out and following her nose to the thing she hated — magic. She watched the actions of two supernaturals for a while.  Then she realized another stranger stood behind her.  The unknown woman’s anger had grown as she observed what transpired. 

Atonement AND Bloom

…“Now to restore the balance,” the strange woman…

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