Book Marketing and Promotion Part II of II

Something we all should know a little bit about. Do check out the two parts!

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From the Editor’s Desk
By:  Dr. Andree Robinson-Neal
Last time we looked at examples of the cost of book marketing and promotion; if you recall, the post ended with a comment about the fact that you, the writer, have an obligation to work at marketing and promoting your book.
Your publisher’s job is to help you develop a product and work with you as you determine the audience for it.
Contrary to seemingly popular belief, publishers do not have a magic wand that allows them to connect your book to your audience; no one knows your book as well as you do and as such, no one knows your audience as well either.
What does it mean for you as the author? Charles E. Yallowitz is an extraordinary writer. While Charles self-publishes, his points below still apply and he was kind enough to share some thoughts on marketing with us:

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