Supporting Your Author Friend

Support, support, support!

Laura Best

This post could have been written by my family and friends. It’s all about how to support your authorly friends out there, and since my friends and family have been awesome enough to support me through the publication of two books I wanted to let others in on their tips for supporting an author friend. (I bet most of them didn’t even know they had such tips!) Through the years my friends and family have come up with some ingenious ways to put the word about my books “out there.” I thought I would share these with everyone else out there who would like to know ways to support a certain author but are a bit uncertain about how to do that. Believe me there are plenty of ways, and my friends have done a super, stupendous job.

1. Buy the book-— A lot of my friends bought the…

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2 thoughts on “Supporting Your Author Friend

  1. A great reminder to friends. I’ve been amazed to see how many writers have “real” friends who give them no support at all — i had thought i was the only one! LOL.
    I have to tell you that the title of your blog inspires and motivates me. Stress blocks me from writing — and with my job, i have a LOT of STRESS… so you can imagine. This weekend i was reminded of your title here, and it helped. Huge hugs! 🙂

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