The Multiverse of Creative Writing

You had me at parallel worlds…read more about story…


The Eye-Dancers explores the concept of parallel worlds, universes that exist, unseen, beside our own, like a billion billion invisible shadows.  On the surface, this seems like sheer fantasy, sky-high sci-fi that does not apply, in any realistic sense of the word, to the lives of anyone save speculative fiction lovers and quantum physicists.


But perhaps parallel-worlds theory is far more practical, far more applicable than it seems at first blush.  Take writing a novel, for example . . .

For our imaginary novel, let’s picture a story of, say, 90,000 words.  As the author, of course you go through the logical progression.  First, an idea strikes, hot, boiling, the literary waters frothy with enthusiasm and energy.  Then you make some notes–not too many–just various anchor points you need to keep in mind as you travel down the winding road of your imagination.  And then, finally, you begin.  You feel…

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Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 10

If you haven’t started reading about Copper, the Alchemist & the Woman in Trousers, you should…there’s a lot you’ve been missing…

Teagan's Books

Color My World — Please!color teacups

Maybe you’ve heard me mention my thing about color. I seem to have a physical need for color.  I used to wear black occasionally — it’s a color. However, I’ve seen so very, very much of it in DC, that I avoid it now (except for basic slacks once in a while). If I wear all neutrals, light or dark… well, I just don’t feel very good, and wearing black makes me feel downright funerary.

Years ago, a male coworker asked me, “How many colors do you have in your wardrobe anyway?”

(At the time I’d barely started building said wardrobe, so the question really made me pause.)  Puzzled, I turned the question on him. “How many colors does your wife have in hers?”

“Oh four maybe,” he said with a shrug.

I had never given it thought before, but suddenly that seemed like a…

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NaPoWriMo Give Away!

Another chance to write…


It’s almost April, the month of NaPoWriMo, the month of Poetry! 🙂



I thought it would be nice to celebrate this with a Give Away!

For all my followers:

You can get a mini poetry E-Book with some of my short poems and quotes for Free!


My shorts front

All you have to do, is send an email to with ‘NaPoWriMo Give Away’ in the subject line to receive this mini EBook in both Kindle and PDF format.

You can participate in this Give Away until the end of April 2015!

Lots of Love,


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Monday Insights: What’s Your Today?

Being in the Present: from Jackie J, What’s Your Today?

Jackie Jones - ARCHIVED SITE!

fantasy1When this day is almost over, or, you’re reflecting on yesterday, tomorrow, what will you be able to say about the day?

I’ve started asking myself this question more often, especially when the trials of life threaten to consume. It’s easy to give in, scurry under the covers and let the issues somehow pass by. If I’d rather stay out, there’s the option of lashing out at fantasy1everyone or thing around me just so I can have moments of feeling some strange solidarity while making someone else miserable. Instead, I’ve been asking the question that opened this post.

Life is full of it — ups, downs and everything in between. Take a moment and let’s tip our hats to this wonderful thing that can throw so many kinds of darts at us without once missing a beat. It’s so important therefore, to try to remain upbeat and positive

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What Makes a “Real” Writer?

Check out K Lamb, What Makes a “real” Writer?

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.52.53 AM

I’m finally home from speaking in Pennsylvania. Was honored to keynote for The Write Stuff Conference and super sad to leave. I get so attached to the writers and miss them when I have to go. Their passion, imagination and enthusiasm never fails to inspire me. I’d keep them and collect them in my basement except apparently this is called “taking hostages” and is “illegal” *rolls eyes*

…that, and I don’t have a basement.

I never prepare a speech. I’ve tried. But I am too ADD and end up ignoring/forgetting everything I prepared, so why not save time? Also, I present quite often and never want attendees to feel like they will hear the same things from me. Every class, every presentation is new. I love listening to those around me so my content fits better because it’s custom made.

This said, when I arrived in Pennsylvania, I had no…

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