Writing Prompt # 49

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It’s funny the things we pick up from our parents, besides the other things that we learn on our own. For me there have been two particular things, a love of almond nuts and a partiality to roses. Even though as a child I also enjoyed picking hibiscuses and tearing them apart. All in the name of science, of course, because our teachers expected us to draw and label the various parts of a flower.

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Anyway think about your own childhood experiences or something that happened to you as an adult and like always, do the prompt. Only this time:

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W.P. # 49  Write about a flower.

1 thought on “Writing Prompt # 49

  1. The nectar was so divine. I couldn’t help getting closer. Never had I seen such a massive flower. Never had I smelled anything so tantalizing.
    “Just a little sniff, just a taste,” I thought leaning closer.
    I stretched farther. I reached out to steady myself. Sweet petals surrounded me. Nectar lay ahead. Sunlight touched my shoulders from behind.
    Suddenly I realized I couldn’t move. Panicked I looked back. The petals abruptly snapped shut. Darkness replaced sunlight.
    I cried out, Buzzz, buzzz, buzzz!

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