7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt # 59

  1. Definitely beautiful tree pictures. Although… i’ll probably only write about another car repair… in the form of a complaint. Oh well. I did write about a tree in the Valentines short story i did to go with my Atonement books. Now i’m just procrastinating getting to work. Huge hugs! 😀

    • Yeah, they really keep the juices of creativity flowing. Glad you like them, and thanks for stopping by, will definitely have to try harder to keep up with some of the posts. Hugs back…

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  3. The fall for myself is so much more unequivocally energizing than any other season because of the trees colours and the smell of distant fireplaces at night that warm peoples hearts and homes! The intense vibrant trees with leaves of bright golden brown, with green and reddish hues! 😊
    🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂 I love the cool breeze at night and the change in the air!! Makes me feel comfortable and cozy in front of a fire outside with friends, drinking hot chocolate and just enjoying the crisp heartwarming feeling of the holidays to come!! The trees are beautiful and bring back thoughts of days gone by, when I collected leaves with my daughter. We placed them so carefully in a bag to remember the day we spent together running through the crackling walkways of yesterday!! 😊 She wanted to keep that day forever in the present to be held in a small plastic bag of memories..
    That bag has long since passed but the memories will remain in our hearts and stored in the deepest corners of our minds within the beautiful days that too quickly swept us away in the cool swirling winds of autumn!🍁

      • 💖 They are the ones that walk the night within the heartland of destruction….
        Not knowing where they dwell amidst the whirling rings of mist and smoke before them..
        Unafraid, bravely they are beckoned forward into the echoing sound of gunfire ..marching into unknown territory our men and women so bravely stomp the grounds ahead to be our warriors where others are terrified to inhabit!!
        Fighting for humanity and lives they defend!! 💕
        Our brothers nd sisters in our arms and hearts we hold you dear and pray for all as they bravely walk the night..!!
        God Bless All of You!! 🇺🇸💔

  4. This Is Dedicated to All Who Have Died and are Still Bravely Fighting to Restore Beauty Where there Now Lies Rubble!
    They fight for Freedom of thought, religion, Our God Given right to be respected and to think as individuals!! Thank You!!!

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