Monday Insights: What’s Your Today?

Being in the Present: from Jackie J, What’s Your Today?

Pages Unforgotten

fantasy1When this day is almost over, or, you’re reflecting on yesterday, tomorrow, what will you be able to say about the day?

I’ve started asking myself this question more often, especially when the trials of life threaten to consume. It’s easy to give in, scurry under the covers and let the issues somehow pass by. If I’d rather stay out, there’s the option of lashing out at fantasy1everyone or thing around me just so I can have moments of feeling some strange solidarity while making someone else miserable. Instead, I’ve been asking the question that opened this post.

Life is full of it — ups, downs and everything in between. Take a moment and let’s tip our hats to this wonderful thing that can throw so many kinds of darts at us without once missing a beat. It’s so important therefore, to try to remain upbeat and positive

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