India on a Clear Day

On a clear day, the sun is illuminated
And its rays shine forth into the morning.
Inviting those yonder to approach.
Open up your windows and experience delight.
There are things here that you must try at least once.
Wait, can you feel the breeze as it caresses your skin?
Its fingers are small and playful.
Are you being kissed?
This is what love feels like…

It moves you but you are unaware.
Your foot – feels the paved earth with every step;
It moves black on black. Forward.
You cannot help yourself, so you kiss the wind, again.
Aurora, can she see your face? ‘cause I see yours. It is night.
Cold, that is how it is, even though winter has gone.
You may as well have gone to Lilliput with Gulliver.
Your face is as smooth as father time’s, for nothing
Moves without you. The sea surrounds you. You listen.

A man riding a bike

A man riding a bike

A Clear Day in India

A Clear Day in India

Outside the Prime Minister's Office

Outside the Prime Minister’s Office

All the shots included here are mine.

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