Thank you for keeping up with the prompts. I am grateful to those of you who have responded to them and linked your posts to my site, especially Piggie’s Place and Monicle. Thanks for sharing your work! And Teagan, thanks for the comments and the shout out!

Unfortunately, this will be the last month of prompts, so after today there will only be two more. Feel free to check out the Writing Prompts tab on the Homepage for ones you might have missed. Or discover more writing ideas by visiting my two blog communities. I am amazed and inspired by the dedication and the level of work from these talented people!


Starting on July 1st, 2015 I will be taking a brief hiatus for the first two weeks of the month. At this point it is essential and hopefully I will return with many ideas. I would really like to continue my posts on writing, do something on screenwriting and maybe go a second round with my serial.

Until then, pace yourself and keep writing!

Spring daffodils

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Sorry to hear about the end of the prompt. I’ve not always posted the answers but they’ve been a source of inspiration and sometimes helped me put parts of my novel together. A thought process that has bettered the storyline or given some texture/volume to two-dimensional characters… Thank you for the time you’ve dedicated to that and for helping me be better at writing.
    I hope your two week hiatus brings you the rest you seem to be needed and look forward to reading more of your excellent advice and writing.

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