Copper’s Secret

Copper’s Secret….Copper’s coming to and end, this weekend, but the might be more in the interim…read on, and thanks Teagan for such an amazing serial!

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Copper whispered a secret! But you know how loudly she whispers…

Victorian girls whisper_Hotel Perrin

So I might as well let you in on it too. It’s about the next episode. No, I promise I really didn’t know it when I posted the previous episode — you know these serials are pure “pantser” unplanned fun — but it turns out that Episode 33 was the penultimate installment of our “interactive” Steampunk serial. I’ve written the conclusion, which is waiting in the wings of my master document.

Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers concludes this weekend!

Come on now… you knew this was going to happen. Stop crying or I’ll cry too.

What’s next?

Copper w ChalkboardFor about two years I’ve faithfully given episodes of serial stories, driven by the three things you send. In total I spend at least 3 full days…

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Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 33

Toddlers, Queen, Superior, oh my? Hop aboard, episode 33 of Copper, the Alchemist & the Woman in Trousers is up, ready, and you should be rearing to go. Thanks Teagan, for allowing me to reblog!

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Indies Agree…

Glenda OzzBillie Berk 1939

I love that “Indie” has endlessly different subjects, genres, and formats.  I’m happy that every indie author and blogger is unique.  Despite all that diversity, it seems that all indie authors agree on the importance of reviews – whether posted in a blog, magazine, or on a bookseller’s site.

Oh, I admit to my jaw-dropping awe when an author cheers that they’ve reached the milestone of 100 reviews… I have less than a dozen, so I’m quite impressed, as well as proud of their achievement.  So when one of my earliest author-blogger-supporters wished he had more reviews for his books, I wanted to do something… but I’m not a reviewer. I wished I could wave a magic wand for both of us… but neither am I Glenda the Good Witch.

However, with each serial episode, I do promote another blogger.  So allow me to introduce to you…

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Train Schedule and Character Recap – Copper and the Rest

Schedule Update and another look at the cast of Characters for Copper, the Alchemist & the Woman in Trousers.

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Rockwell Girl on Train

Last episode I had found myself a “word of the day” — shilly shally. I had so much fun with it that I found another word of the day to entertain myself, argle-bargle.

Argle-bargleCopious but meaningless talk or writing; nonsense.

While all of you were at the station (and thank you from the bottom of my heart) I’m the one who missed the steam locomotive to the Victorian Era.  Unfortunately I’m studying for a certification exam for my “real” job. You should hear all my moaning and groaning about it. Now that’s argle-bargle…

However, I didn’t want to leave you without something from Copper and her friends.  So I’m re-sharing this character recap, with a few updates.


As the story-line draws close to an end, the spontaneous nature of the serials actually becomes a challenge for me.  By this point there are a lot of things — clues…

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