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Mini-Series — The Senses — Sight

Teagan’s Mini Series on Writing : The Sense of Sight

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Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch

EyeWelcome back to my mini-series on the five senses.  Last weekend’s post on the sense of hearing was so well received that I am happy to do the second installment — Sight. 

Originally when I asked you for a few words about “what you heard” I expected simply words or phrases, similar to what we did for the Three Things serials. I was delighted to see that everyone left little stories! You’re all so creative.

You’d think sight would be the easiest of the five senses for this mini-series.  I guess it’s too simple.  I think everyone primarily writes, paints, or photographs based on what they see.  Any of you chefs might be the exception.  I expect the senses of smell and taste tend to propel your creations.

Yes, maybe it’s too simple.  Or maybe I can’t see how to do this post because…

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