6 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote # 169

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    If you are a candle on the hill that will not be hidden just think of what could happen if we put all our candles together? We could set the world ablaze in love and start a revolution for goodness:-). Have a blessed day my dearly beloved and faithful followers. If your candle is not shining too brightly at the momment have a little light from mines. God bless and keep you always. Massive hugs. Love C

  2. I love to help those I love…I sometimes get sad and disenchanted with circumstances and think b/c of lack I should fly..but I cannot help but fly back b/c I want to love and listen to someone I love. I love their thoughts and they are part of mine. It is blissful in so many ways I can’t explain but sometimes I am busy and sometimes I am just introspective and extrospective. I always am there for one and always will listen ,,,sometimes I wish so much that I could in reality hear those feelings in real time…but I do feel the closeness in body and spirit and thoughts of today and tomorrow. My love is as you see unconditionally and encompassing. Misinterpretations may take place on either side and many times b/c of the unknown speaker or assumed speaker but know all is alright. Just don’t break my heart or hate me ever ..b/c I give alot and not out of expectations for return other than the spiritual enjoyment of being with somone so close visually I feel like I can hold them from their words or touch them from what I see…it’s as exciting and as simple as all this..So Smile to me and my one

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