Read, Alyssa

If you were from a royal mage family why would you go to great lengths to hide it?

The second book in the Estrel series chronicles the life of Alyssa Jade Jeremieu Shulto de Tierney leads from her privileged beginning as the daughter of the Mage King and his Consort to her inconspicuous latter years disguised as the wife of a country merchant. As Alyssa faces her past that is fraught with danger, she learns that choices can sometimes lead to redemption.

(Right now, the book is Free with Kindle Unlimited/ Kindle Price $2.99)

The second in a series from Keri A. Kitson, author of the Estrel series.



Keri A. Kitson is a friend of mine from college. We’ve also attended some writer’s workshops together. Her stories are rather interesting, but don’t just take my word for it. Check them out for yourself…


Author’s Page

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