Inspirational Quote # 207


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One thought on “Inspirational Quote # 207

  1. You know, Melissa… That is so true.
    Once I had a coworker who was tone deaf. Something was going along where everyone was singing. She exuberantly joined in, and after two notes, seemed to remind herself and stopped. I asked her what was wrong.
    “I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. It’s horrible.”
    I told her that making “a joyful noise” was just that — joyful and encouraged her to join-in.
    And she did, in the most horrendous flat tones. But you should have seen the blissful look on her face, to finally get to be a part of the song. I thought her expression was worth a million perfectly sung songs.
    (Not that my other coworkers agreed…) Mega hugs!

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