Mrs. Wei on Patriotism

I discovered Hilary Tham’s Mrs. Wei poems while on the hunt for political poems. She is ingenious in her depth and scope. I hope you enjoy this one, and go searching for more.
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Mrs. Wei on Patriotism

by Hilary Tham

Here many people over-exercise
their right to free speech. Everywhere
bumper stickers shout at me: Have you
hugged your child today? I brake
for animals, Honk if you love
Jesus! We support our troops! Say No
to drugs! I am for America!
But when they want us all
to chant slogans and tie yellow
ribbons to our houses, I plant
my feet and say No.

Loyalty to one’s land should be
as natural as sap in the tree
whose roots know the earth which gives
it sustenance. It is not a hair ribbon
to run to the store to buy
when it becomes fashionable.


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