The Universe Exploding

Maybe it’s one of those things, like being astounded every night as you look up at the sky. Or maybe it’s that I grew up watching Star Wars, and Star Trek, and can still imagine there being other worlds out there, with people living on it. But either way I still love this poem, love the engratiating way the salesman is trying to sell his wares, and you the unsuspecting stranger can do nothing but gape, and be flawed by it all. Enjoy the mysteries of life, both big and small.



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The Universe Exploding

by Robert Kinsley

At the mall in Parkersburg
my son and I wander among
the displays at the Home Show
while my wife shops.
A sign in front of the furnace display,
“most efficient in the world” and I have to
stop. Soon a small crowd
gathers and the salesman starts his pitch––
“this is the one ya want to buy, no doubt about it”
he says looking straight at me, taught I suppose
to pick out one vulnerable looking
soul to make it seem more real, and I’m
caught in the spiel. “How’s it work you ask”
he says before the words leave my mouth. “Well,”
he starts looking deadly
serious, “the gas sort of forms little balls and then
explodes, hundreds of times a minute, like…”
he’s looking for words, “sort of like” he says
“the way scientists say the universe started.”
“Yea” he says, looking
skyward, hesitating a moment in his sudden
discovery. “Just think of it” he says, looking
back at me, “everytime you kick that baby on you’re
making a new universe, exploding stars, making black
holes, charting new planets,” and he laughs a little back
in his throat, like he thinks he knows something you don’t.
“Maybe” he says, “you wander down there one cold morning
to watch it happen, and you never come up.”




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