4 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote # 559

  1. So true. For.me its quite difficult to adjust to the loneliness in writing. As someone making the shift from usually expressing oneself in bodily movement to expressing words written down I can say it is quite an experience. I have found out that I am still at the stage of writing in short bursts and then giving in to immersing myself to the pull of society. My writing energy then only suddenly activates when there is something I can respond to (such as now). Trying to make the shift to scholarly writing is turning out to also being quite a gigantic effort. Its difficult to keep my body still. I find myself at times writing things down and then dancing the words to myself. Thank goodness I usually write when nobody else is around.

  2. Yep, there’s loneliness in writing. There’s no one to celebrate a great scene or a chapter’s completion. You’re climbing a mountain that seems invisible to everyone else.

    But the same can be said of emotional problems, can’t it?

  3. Yes, it can. But hopefully at the end of a really great day, or week, we can turn to someone and say, I wrote something spectacular today. Or even just, say I wrote today, and acknowledge the triumph in that one act because at the end of the scenes or the chapters we would have created a book. It’s also also about gaining traction, and then developing a rhythm/ momentum that will ultimately take us to the end. Sometimes I too, lapse and forget that, but remember brother, you’re not in this alone. We are all here in this community rooting for you!

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