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All New Serial: Brother Love — 1 A House at the Crossroads

Do you have a taste for Teagan on a Sunday? Check out Teagan’s latest serial: Brother Love 1 Prologue — A Sinnerman. Do enjoy. And Teagan, thanks for letting me re-blog! Have a well rested day everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Brother Love promo imageBrother Love collage by Teagan Geneviene

Happy weekend, everyone! It seems like such a long time since I did an “interactive” serial with reader participation.  Well, I’m finally back with a new spontaneously written, pantser story done in my “Three Things” way of writing.  I’m delighted to bring you the first installment today!

Blogger Dan Antion collaborates with me on this new story.  He provides photos to inspire me and illustrate the posts.  He also gives me two of the “three things” that drive this unplanned serial.  The third thing comes from you the reader!

Some of you read the original introduction I posted recently, when I shared how this idea began about a year ago.  I’ve revised it to fit this collaborative effort and include the first three things.  Now that part is Chapter 1 — but first I have the Prologue.  On a…

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