Writing Prompt # 186

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Maybe we have done something like this before, but this time I want you to think a bit more. Harder. Reach back into the recesses of your mind. Think of a specific place and time…

W.P. # 186 Where would you go if you could transport anywhere? What would you do? Write a story about time travel. See where it takes you…

Apologies for the late start.

Writing Prompt # 185

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Think of the stories that make up a part of your culture. Choose something memorable and traditional and write about it. Or explore some of the ideas offered below.

W.P. # 185 Everybody likes a good horror story. How about writing one about being possessed. In the Caribbean there are many myths and folklore, try your hand at writing one. A different kind of story. One where you introduce a mythic character or some other element of your native folklore…Happy writing.