Writing Prompt # 193

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Welcome Writing Warriors, to another week of focused writing. Use this as a jumping off point, or a place to continue or for free writing. But above all make your daily writing or weekly writing practice work for you.

W.P. # 193 Today, write about a day where you found yourself trapped in a different body.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt # 193

  1. This happens too often to write about. There’s always the initial adjustment of looking in the mirror and waiting for recognition. Is it me or Mom, Dad, or some stranger? How much of my past will I remember? Which life will I live

    Happens every morning. Thank Cat the felines are there to keep me straight. Don’t know who I’d be without them. Cheers

    • I know what you mean Michael. We really do end up having qualities of our parents and that often leads us to rethink our own ideas of how we are so different. Glad Cat the felines are helping to keep you straight. Hope you are having a great week. Keep writing and thanks for stopping by.

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