Melissa grew up in the Caribbean, namely Trinidad. She was educated in New York, and much later taught English in Japan. As a child she played with words and tinkered with the internal circuitry of a radio, in an attempt to become a Miss Fixit. Right now though, she is honing her skills, by learning more about craft so that eventually she will become a better novelist and poet.

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    • Hey Mike I’m grateful for the nudge on the novel, however, at the moment I am taking a few weeks away…the more I discuss or show the less I find myself doing…sorry, but maybe next time! Great post, though.

  1. Haha, the photos with your prompts are great, and I promise that I’ll definitely participate if I can gather up the time and the creative energy.

    But thank you for taking the time to read my blog! It means a lot to know that a novelist/poet thought my work and the message I tried to send was worth her time. I wish you all the best!

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  4. Hi I spent some time visiting a relative in the Caribbean as a teenager, and later as a holiday maker so was interested to see that you grew up in Trinidad.

    • Hi Marjma, I’m delighted that you’ve been here twice and I hope you enjoyed the experience. Sometimes I think it’s like a wild ride when you grow up surrounded by different cultures and festivals. And at other times it is easy to find similarities when you go to different places like Southern India and find that the life you left is similar to another one that you are now only visiting. So congrats on the novel and hopefully, see you again!

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