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Bio: Melissa grew up in the Caribbean, namely Trinidad. She was educated in New York, and much later taught English in Japan. As a child she played with words and tinkered with the internal circuitry of a radio, in an attempt to become a Miss Fixit. Right now though, she is honing her skills, by learning more about craft so that eventually she will become a better novelist and poet.

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Hidebound Hump Day — Cornelis Drebbel 30

Are we there yet? – Sometimes you’re in a hurry to go somewhere, but you realize only afterwards that it was/ is the journey that counts…This lovely episode reminds me of that. Do enjoy the latest episode of Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers 30 — Babylon, Toothpick, Alpine. And have a fantastic weekend, everyone. Teagan, once again thanks for letting me re-blog. I love what you’ve done with the place/ story.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Saturday Evening Post, 1937. Delivery boy ringing doorbell, waits with man in formal attire (and top hat) who has his head through a cut out in a big Valentine cardSaturday Evening Post, 1937

Happy Valentine’s Day, my chuckaboos!

I know this image is not from the right era, but the dashing man looking all afternoonified, made me think of something Cornelis might do.  I think Valentine’s Day around him would be positively naty narking.

Back in 2015, Christoph Fischer sent the “things” for this chapter.  Christoph is a blogger, reviewer, and the author of many compelling novels.   I’m currently reading “The Body in the Snow,” and I’m having a great time.  If you asked Christoph to let you see a photo of his Valentine, he might show you something like this…

4 Labradoodle puppiesChristoph’s Labradoodle Puppies

It’s time for Hidebound Hump Day!  If there are Valentines where our heroes are, then they are surely in shades of violet and lavender.  

Previously with Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

Chapter 28

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