About Today, You Will Write

Bio: Melissa grew up in the Caribbean, namely Trinidad. She was educated in New York, and much later taught English in Japan. As a child she played with words and tinkered with the internal circuitry of a radio, in an attempt to become a Miss Fixit. Right now though, she is honing her skills, by learning more about craft so that eventually she will become a better novelist and poet.

Writing Prompt # 199


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Welcome to another week of writing. Usually a story begins at a point or moment of change, but before that happens things appear somewhat normal. You job this week, is to write about a day at the office, either to practice how it is before there is change or afterwards. If you are in the middle of writing a piece or have recently begun a new story, remember, it is important to know what a regular day is for your main character.

Have a great day and happy writing!

W.P. # 199 Write about a day at the office.