Pip Sees a Pug – in the Kitchen

Check out Teagan and Suzanne’s weekend treats…Pip sees a Pug.

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3-things-cover_3-2016Some of you have already seen this post at Suzanne’s blog, A Pug in the Kitchen.  However,  I wanted to share it here too.  I have done a few collaborative blog posts with her, and we have a ton of fun.  Thanks for doing another joint post with me, Suzanne! 

When Suzanne said she could do a dog treat recipe, I thought of my character, Wriggles. What serendipity that the pug character was inspired by Suzanne’s blog!

However, first I want to share the wonderful recipe Suzanne provided, and her ever so kind introduction.  Homemade dog treats — Percy is one lucky pug!  I’m going to hand this over to Suzanne (and Percy) at A Pug in the Kitchen.  Take it away Suzanne!


I LOVE collaborating with Teagan on a blog post, it’s fun and I truly love her work.  The recipe for dog treats is a copy cat version ofSherman’s…

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#Instafreebie Non-fiction Books just for Authors and Writers

Check out the Instantfreebie Non-fiction Books for Authors and Writers by clicking on the link below. http://indiebookpromo.com/2017/02/instafreebie-non-fiction-books-just-authors-writers/ There you will find one or two authors that you are familiar with like Derek Murphy, Phd (Guerrilla Publishing) and Rachel Thompson (30 Day Book Marketing Challenge).

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Check it out for yourself!

How Do You Write A Book?

Every writer (poet, scriptwriter, playwright ) has his/ her own process. Check out Catherine’s, here. And grab your copy of Distress Signals!


Welcome to the Distress Signals Blogging Bonanza! What’s that, you’re wondering? Well, you can either go and read this post or read the next sentence. In a nutshell: Distress Signals was out in paperback in the UK and Ireland on January 5 and hits the U.S.A. on Thursday (February 2) and every day in between I’m going to blog as per the schedule at the bottom of this post. 

So Distress Signals is out and Book 2 is almost there. Although writing them were two very different experiences, without setting out to do it, I wrote both of them pretty much the same way (albeit in very different periods of time):

  1. Initial idea. Fun fact: both thrillers were sparked by magazine articles, although in very different ways. Percolation ensued, i.e. I didn’t immediately sit down and start writing.
  2. Post-It Plotting Party. I get a pen and a stack of…

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Three Things Fire Rooster

Check out Teagan’s Fire Roster image, take up the three things challenge and then read her mini-story, and see how it’s done.

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2017 Is a Fire Rooster Year

1918-july-vogue-woman-roosterVogue, July 1918

My post for the calendar New Year was about “animalizing” your writing (that post is here).  As most of you know, the Chinese zodiac is a cycle of 12 animal signs. Each year is represented by an animal. So I thought it would be fun to mention the Chinese New Year as a follow-on for my Is Your Writing Beastly? post.

If 2016 monkeyed around with your life, remember what mischievous animal embodied that year.  However, it is advised that we embrace opportunities and navigate challenges in 2017.  That doesn’t sound like much of a reprieve to me. Already I’m navigating way too many challenges…  Okay — I will try to be positive.

chinese-new-year-babies-vintage(Yes, I know that’s a fish in the picture, but it’s a fiery color.) I had to investigate why this year’s rooster was called a Fire Rooster.  InChinese…

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Compliments of the Season


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To everyone who has been kind enough to visit the site throughout the year and found something valuable, and encouraging to you on your writing journey I wish you all the best. And to those of you who have more or less just stumbled upon us, thank you and do come again. To my blogging friends and the larger writing community that I have found here, I wish you and your family a blessed season and a Bright, and Prosperous New Year!



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