Writing Prompt # 165



It’s been a while and I know you’re enjoying the Inspirational Quotes, but this week I’ve decided to start back with some of the writing prompts. I hope you find them to be useful and engaging.

And without further ado, we will continue from where we left off:

W.P. # 165  You’re in a cinema.

Writing Prompt # 164


W.P. # 164  (Trees.) It’s necessary to talk about trees…after Adrienne Rich (from What Kind of Times Are These)

adrienne-richAs things heat up in my country for our local government elections in September, I cannot help but think about this poem. How sometimes as writers we have to say things indirectly so that our messages will still be heard. Read. Check out the peom if you haven’t already and happy writing!



And check you back in two weeks!