Thirty Minutes to a More Vibrant You!

In today’s fast paced world, we are told that whatever we give our focus to will take precedence. So why not make your choices even more efficient and effective by taking a midday cat nap, without the coffee. That way you can lead yourself to feeling revived for the rest of the day and produce work that would be good. Better. Or great. Instead of simply mediocre, because you were drained and your energy was sapped.

According to Tom Rath, the author of Eat Move Sleep in his introductory chapter of the book, labelled “The Basics,” you should sleep longer to get more done. Certainly back in college or university, it was easy to contemplate pulling an all-nighter because of some impending assignment or essay that needed to be done. Now, however with so much on our plate, it would be unwise to discredit the benefits of getting a full night sleep. Be it seven or eight hours long.

In fact, I have found that in addition to this, taking a few minutes off your day, say between 12:00 and 3:00, just to close your eyes, can provide an energy boost that restore some depleted energy. Set the alarm if you must. Turn down the volume on your phone. But whatever you do, make sure to close your eyes and tune out the outside world – for as little as fifteen or as much as thirty minutes – and see if you don’t feel mentally refreshed. Once again free to combat any problem, or overcome any obstacle and reclaim your day.