Writing Prompt #1

Well, we’re one week into the new year and in an attempt to starve off the critical editor in me that has left me feeling adrift, I have decided to start doing some writing prompts. I will share some of them here for anyone who also needs to just sit down and write. Even if it means staring at a blank page to show your determination. Grit.

grit 3

For those of you who are familiar with writing prompts, it’s all pen to paper. Just write, turn off the censor, or critic, or rebel. Don’t judge anything that you do, be it incorrect grammar, spelling or punctuation. We are coaxing ourselves back into the space. Re-implanting the idea of daily writing or for those of you who may be pressed for time, having a more regular commitment.

If you are a writer you know that you deserve this. Take a moment and reflect and recommit yourself. This year you will produce something. This year you are going to write. And concerning the prompt don’t box yourself in. Write whatever comes, be it a memory, fantasy or re-creation.

If you are a poet, write a poem. If you are a screenwriter, picture a scene and if you are a novelist write about whatever it is that comes to you.

Writing Prompt #1 : Write about a day at the beach.