Adieu Utopia

So last night (Tuesday) was the final episode of Utopia’s second season, which was great! Hopefully next year there will be another season. Unfortunately without Milner, the seemingly good ‘bad guy’ who, like everyone else, also had someone she loved. Someone she was willing to do anything for, which is a step in the right direction for an experienced writer. A good book, short story or play cannot (should not) have one dimensional characters because they will not be engaging enough for the reader.

What can I say? It will be hard to let go of this action-packed alternative universe where something is always at stake, and we always seem to be fighting for man’s survival.

Who will I miss?

wilson1. The current man of the hour, Wilson Wilson who apparently can give as good as he got. Seriously, he’s in a whole other level. Upped even Mr. Rabbit.

2. Next is the sometimes wimpish senior civil servant, Michael who is a tad bit tougher than where we left him in the first episode, willing to sacrifice everything to get back his family.

jessica and michael images

(Jessica and Michael – Google Image)

3. Then there’s Becky. The girl coming to grips with life and the mysterious Deel’s syndrome that killed her father. So she is brought to the end, only to have something else change her fate…
The mystery of which hopefully will be revealed in the next season.


And who could forget Ian. The IT consultant who has lost his brother. Not that anything else could show how far he is willing to go, his level of commitment, until he is asked to take a life.

5. Finally there is Jessica Hyde, busy looking out for her brother. Father. Nothing else could show how much she has grown.

milner 2




So adieu Utopia. Thanks for an another interesting season!