Happy New Year 2020


Hello Dear Friends, Fellow Bloggers, and Readers,

Thank you for making this past year a truly great affair. I appreciate you stopping by, viewing and sometimes commenting. I do apologize for not posting or sharing more stories from other contributors, however this year has been somewhat hectic for me trying to juggle work, school, blogging and writing. Hopefully we will be able to share and contribute more with each other in the upcoming year.

Once again, thank you and God Bless. I wish you all, all the best in this new year.

Just remember to take it, step by step.

And have a Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to All!

happy new year 2

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To the readers and friends that I’ve made on this blog thus far I am wishing you all the best in 2015! Hope that with renewed effort we all have continued success and that we continue to believe in our skills as writers, poets, novelists and storytellers. Last year has been a huge leap from the one before for me and I am looking forwards to even greater things happening in 2015.

Here’s hoping that we can all continue to grow together and thanks for making 2014 memorable! Here’s to you and yours and let’s make 2015 truly great!

happy new year

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Christmas Thanks and Happy New Year Cheer!

I’d just like to thank all the people who read and responded to my posts of The Way of the Seer. And on Wednesday I’ll upload the second writing piece: Methods for Writing.

So, until then keep safe, enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and Have a Prosperous New Year!