Who Do You Write For?

the audience

Yourself? Or an imagined reader? I’d like to tell you that in some instances it doesn’t matter, as long as you write. But sometimes, having an idea of your audience (one particular person or group of people) can be the difference between communicating effectively or producing something that may seem partly mangled.

Truthfully, when I wrote The Way of the Seer and uploaded it here, I did it because it was the type of story I wanted to read. Maybe in writing, some of you may have had similar experiences and as such feel compelled to do what you do. Either way I applaud you.

Right now though, I often catch myself thinking intermittently about my reader. But not in the usual way, of who they are. Instead, I wonder how I can make their reading experience better. How to leave them with some scene or image that they would think of as a reward for having read, or bought the piece.

Yet, no matter how you approach the issue of who your audience is, remember to keep up with your writing. Get the first draft done, before you consider editing because if you don’t you may get stuck.

Remember also that some people will get your story or poem or play, while others may not. Either way, don’t feel discouraged. Instead, write the best copy you can. Right now! Then when it’s finished send it out. Remember this because it is the most important part of the process.

And whether or not you write with the reader in mind, do write! And enjoy the rest of your week!