Writing Prompt # 185


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Think of the stories that make up a part of your culture. Choose something memorable and traditional and write about it. Or explore some of the ideas offered below.

W.P. # 185 Everybody likes a good horror story. How about writing one about being possessed. In the Caribbean there are many myths and folklore, try your hand at writing one. A different kind of story. One where you introduce a mythic character or some other element of your native folklore…Happy writing.

Writing Prompt # 183


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At some point in our life if we are lucky we have all been exposed to sea tales: 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Moby Dick or The Old Man and the Sea just to name a few. This is your time to write your own sea adventure. Now grab your pad and pen and start writing.

W.P. # 183 Write a story about a man who walks into the sea and gets pulled under…

Writing Prompt # 181


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Honestly growing up I am sure we have all had our fair share of fairy tales. Perhaps even as adults we have all run into stories that cause us to either remember what it was like for us to be a child or else we’ve hit upon the thing that stirred our imagination….well today is your lucky day. Above are some of my loves and inspiration. May they inspire you as well.

W.P. # 181 Write a story that reminds you of what it was like to be a child or write a story you would have enjoyed reading as a child.

Writing Prompt # 179


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When I was younger I enjoyed watching strange movies, like those that featured paranormal, supernatural or unexplained events. The kid in me would like to try writing something like this, something strange, eventful and out of this world…

W.P. # 179 If you so desire, do so as well. Try writing the beginning of a story that features some strange or unexplained phenomenon.

Writing Prompt # 178

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The flip side of what we did last week means that here we will have to stretch ourselves. This time instead of focusing inwards we will have to focus outwards. This time we are looking at external conflicts.

W.P. # 178 Write a scene where someone is either trying to convince your protagonist to do something that they don’t want to do, or your protagonist is trying to convince someone else, a friend, lover, spouse, child to do something that they do not want to do. It can also be more than one person.

Writing Prompt # 177

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Good writing is not just about scene and description. Instead it also involves setting, and conflicts. In this piece we will focus on internal conflicts.

W.P. # 177 Write a scene or an internal monologue where your character is trying to convince himself or herself to do something that he or she does not want to do.

Writing Prompt # 176

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I know we have done many harrowing experiences in the past month or two, but here is one more for you to show how much you have grown. I hope you have had a good week, do keep writing.

W.P. # 176 You are in a room that is too hot, you are running out of air. Describe the experience…

Writing Prompt # 175

Sometimes we write about people and places and things, but what happens when we stand still and just observe life. What do we see in the vastness of life around us? How do we find hope and express or experience ourselves?

W.P. # 175 Today you are a stone. What is life like for the human or animal or plant closest you? From your perspective, what do they see, feel or hear…

Writing Prompt # 174

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After or For Octavia E. Butler. I remember being enamoured by Octavia E Butler stories especially those from Bloodchild and Other Stories, truthfully I came to her work at a much older age than most, but her stories have always inspired me. Continuing in the vein of last week’s prompt we are taking a line, a few words from the beginning of Butler’s short story, The Evening and the Morning and the Night. Enjoy and write whatever comes to mind.

W.P. # 174 When I was fifteen and trying to show my independence…

Writing Prompt # 165



It’s been a while and I know you’re enjoying the Inspirational Quotes, but this week I’ve decided to start back with some of the writing prompts. I hope you find them to be useful and engaging.

And without further ado, we will continue from where we left off:

W.P. # 165  You’re in a cinema.

Writing Prompt # 164


W.P. # 164  (Trees.) It’s necessary to talk about trees…after Adrienne Rich (from What Kind of Times Are These)

adrienne-richAs things heat up in my country for our local government elections in September, I cannot help but think about this poem. How sometimes as writers we have to say things indirectly so that our messages will still be heard. Read. Check out the peom if you haven’t already and happy writing!



And check you back in two weeks!